I have been a keen photographer since I was about 8 years old. My work is difficult to pigeon-hole, it goes its own way as a subject catches my interest. People have always been favorite, candids, street pictures, in an urban landscape, the studio or theatre. Actors and dancers make wonderful images, especially when projecting a role or a character but even when making relatively conventional portraits it is necessary to get the sitter to play their part, to think about the image that they wish to convey of themselves.

Modern Art and contemporary photographers have been a significant influence on me, as well as good photojournalism. You will see this in my work here. I hope also that you will see some originality and fun. Photography has always been more than a hobby for me, it has been an outlet for my creative juices, and an opportunity to celebrate, to capture and preserve many wonderful sights and moments.


The panel below - Ghoti ** gained me a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in Contemporary Photography. It is a very peculiar kettle of fish. [Pronounce the gh as in enough - an "F" sound, the o in women is an "i", and ti in station is "sh", Ghoti is pronounced "Fish".]

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Ghoti poster (above) approx 1m x 40cm

includes hangers - £20

Ghoti 02 (left)                       Ghoti 03 (right)

approx 40x50cm

Matted only £75

Framed £95

Left -                                     Venice in February                                        Right

Venice 01                         Digitally toned fine art print                             Venice 03

 Approx 30x40cm in black wooden frame

Venice 02                                                £55                                               Venice 04

Below                                                                                                               Below

Would you Dare to Bare?


People are funny about nudity but here’s a question -  "Are they really embarrassed to be seen naked, or is it they just don’t want to be recognised?"


These Anonymous Images are pictures of people who think the latter, not your stereotypical models, but comfortable with themselves and confident in their bodies.  I hope that you find them fun - and if you’d like to do something similar please contact me at my personal website here

All prints approx 40x50cm, matted unframed £75, framed £95

           Anon 01 No title                              Anon 02 Not Prince Charles                            Anon 03 Wolfie                                Anon 04 Venice mask

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