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Banbury Artists Cooperative at Oxford Artweeks

Oxford Artweeks went online throughout May this year, the only way to show work during the lock down. The Banbury Artists' Cooperative contributed five short videos to fit the various themes.


First up was 'A Trip to the coast' to cheer us all up and remind us of the pleasures of the seaside. Then followed 'Home comforts and interior design' - rather appropriate since we were all spending rather a lot time at home! Emma Wilkinson's hand-painted art clocks featured there.

Week two began with the theme 'Figure and Form' for which we presented a video of Bodypaintings by photographer Barry Barker. You will recognise some of the well known works of Art that inspired these pieces. Please be aware, the video contains some gentle hints of nudity.

The next offering, for the topic 'Elements of the Earth' was another video from Barry Barker entitled "Earth Colours" - highly abstract images of the erosion and mineral deposits in the ancient Nabatean city of Petra and the deserts of Wadi Rum in Jordan.

Our contribution for the final week was for the theme 'Fantastic Beasts'. Another video from photographer Barry Barker - an animation of a still picture - "Ghoti**" as George Bernard Shaw would have it - the strangest and most fantastical fish you will ever see.

More from the Ghoti** series can be seen on his Gallery page.

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