Kat Onions, Artist

Kat Onions graduated with a degree in fine art sculpture from the Norwich School of Art and Design in 1997. 


This led to a 20-year career making life-like silicone artificial hands and feet for both the NHS and later privately in her own company.


In her spare time Kat can be found upcycling forks and spoons in her shed. She currently creates snails, turtles and beetles and more recently has found a way to make swans from spoons, ladybirds from soup spoons and various winged insects from spoons and forks that are entwined together.


Kat also enjoys etching on glass and regularly has pieces for sale at ‘The Real Wood Furniture Company’ near Chipping Norton. These include trees, octopi and elephants that are lit from below and become mesmerising glass sculptures.


Follow Kat on Instagram and Facebook @katonionsart to find out what new and exciting things she will be creating each week.

Kat flower pendant.jpg
Kat mushroom pendant.jpg
Kat ladybirds.jpg