Oxfordshire Artweeks: Janet Bird

Each week, we introduce an artist exhibiting their work at The Mill Arts Centre for Oxfordshire Artweeks. Read on to discover more about your favourite local artists.

During lockdown, Janet Bird has begun painting more landscapes and, through her work, escaping to the place she misses the most - namely, the seaside! These lockdown ‘travels of the mind’ are the pieces she has chosen to form part of this Artweeks exhibition.

Janet exhibits throughout the year at Church Lane Gallery, in Banbury, and her work can also be seen online at and on Facebook and Instagram as @jaybirdart1 and @jaybird_art1.

These beautiful, immersive works will be showcased at @themillartscentre in Banbury from 3rd May, with admittance to the public from 17th May.

Janet will be showcasing her works in pastels and acrylics, including Breaking Wave, Porthmeor Beach Breakers, and Cornish Chough.

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