Oxfordshire Artweeks: Louise Regan

Each week, we introduce an artist exhibiting their work at The Mill Arts Centre for Oxfordshire Artweeks. Read on to discover more about your favourite local artists.

Louise Regan is an artist and illustrator, based in Cropredy. She works predominantly in ink and watercolour, which is the perfect medium for her intricate, detailed work.

In some of her pieces, she captures an imaginary land to visit and to explore; sometimes historical, but always aiming to fascinate and to intrigue – inviting the viewer to create their own narrative. Others are a celebration of architecture, sometimes in surreal form. Also evident is her love of medieval art - the detail, symbolism and use of rich colours.

Louise will be showcasing ink and wash original paintings and prints, including Adriatic Coast, West Country, Medieval Germany Port in Triptych and Grand Duchy of Fenwick.

"These pieces were are produced in 2020 and enabled me escape a constricted and worrying world through my art - reminding me of places I had visited or yet to visit - but anywhere else other than the here and now."

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