This page does not form part of the website but it is the most important when editing.
Please read carefully.
Only one person at a time can safely edit the pages.
There is no "file locking" facility so that means that when two or more people open a page (say the home page) separate copies go their computers, with no warning to other users. If they each make their changes, then save the page, the later "save" overwrites the previous one. Changes made by whoever saves the page first will be lost.
Before going into the site proper, check the box below. If it doesn't say it is safe to edit then log out and try later. If it says "Safe to edit" then change the message in that box to a warning message and your name (eg "Do not attempt to edit. I am working on it - Barry) in case someone else logs in. Immediately save the change by clicking in the top right of the screen.
You can then make your edits. When you are done and before you log out, come back to this page, change the text to read "Safe to edit" and save again by clicking top right. If you forget, or your computer or network goes down, come back into the site and do it as soon as possible.
If you intend to publish the website, set the page 'Local Art and Artists' to be the Home page for the site. You can then go ahead and publish.
When you have made all your changes, reset THIS PAGE - 'Edit Home' to be the Home page. Change the message in the box below, Save the site and exit the editor.
Do not attempt to edit, I am working on it

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