Weronika Belczewska, Artist

"Art has always been close to my heart; in the words of the late and great Albert Einstein “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. My passion for art and all things beautiful was born through drawing and sketching with my father as a child in darkly mysterious forests of Rumia. In 2019 my life changed forever- inspiring me to take up the pencil and brush again and express my appreciation for the subtle beauty of this world– and this is how it started. Quickly, I was right back to childhood memories and the passion that had lain dormant in me for so many years was reignited. Over the past year, I have focused on expressing myself through mixed mediums and techniques and found a love of working with acrylics. Each moment in this life is a treasure and with a creative mind and open eyes, the awe-inspiring natural wonder of the English countryside is the perfect place to find your own passion. I hope that my work will inspire others to see the beauty in their lives and to stop, take a moment and appreciate it." – Weronika Belczewska

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Oxfordshire Artweeks Exhibition

Weronika Belczewska is participating in Oxfordshire Artweeks 2021at The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury. 


Our free exhibition runs from 3rd of May, with entry to the public from 17th May in line with government guidelines. Covid-19 procedures will be in place to keep everyone safe. 

See below for a sneak peek of Weronika's work for Artweeks below, or read more on the blog.