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Evelyn Baxter, Glass Artist
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Evelyn is drawn to strong colours and the play of light through them, which makes glass fusing a perfect medium for her designs.  Amongst other things, she makes striking bowls, suncatchers, and clocks from fused glass.  This means designing, cutting, shaping and refining glass from sheets and then fusing them in her kiln to approximately 800ºC. After that she shapes them in ceramic moulds at temperatures of up to 680ºC. 

She has exhibited at Warwickshire Open Studios, as one of the Secret Studio Artists and at Art In The Park in Leamington Spa.  To find more of her work or inquire about a commission see or her Etsy page , her Facebook page or on her Instagram page

Strata Series

Fused glass bowls created using the Pâté de Verre method.

First, the artist must create a plaster mould. This mould is one-time use and can not be reused. The artist then packs the sides and bottom of the mould with tiny grains of glass called frit. The piece is fired for approximately 16 hours in a kiln. When it is cooled back to room temperature the artist breaks the mould off the glass. The glass is then cleaned, refined and finally gilded to add sparkle.

These bowls were inspired by the layers of soil in the earth that create our world.

Price for each bowl £110

Tree Garden

This large 30cm fused glass bowl was inspired by the trees and flowers found in an English garden.

The intertwined tree shapes and bright flower colours have been fused to maintain their texture, giving this bowl a wonderful, tactile appearance.

Price £160

Pop into the gallery on Church Lane or get in touch to purchase.

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