We are a group of local artists operating as Banbur  Artists’ Co-operative who run Church Lane Gallery by  ourselves, for ourselves, and to bring local art and craft directly to the public. 

The Gallery was set up five years ago and now has many local followers who visit regularly as well as passin  tourists. Regular new displays attract more visits. 

We participate in Oxfordshire Artweeks and have a presence in ArtFest (June), Fairport Convention Fringe  Festival (August) and other local events. 

From time to time we have space for new Members. If you are considering joining us, please read the rest of this page which explains the details of joining the organisation. 


Membership fees can be paid monthly or annually in advance; Members choosing to pay annually should do so in April. 

Members wishing to cease membership must notify the Membership Secretary in writing or by email and  give three months notice and will continue to pay membership fees within this period. 

Fees and commission rates are reviewed quarterly  and currently stand at £22 per month. Commission is  currently 10% (July 2021). 

Being a Member of the Co-operative entitles artists to display new artworks each month. It is the responsibility  of each Member to promote the gallery through social media, mailing lists, etc. 

Members also need to work for a day in the Gallery every month. This could be a whole day, or two  separate shifts on different days, 10am to 12.30pm or 12.30pm to 3pm (4pm on Saturdays). Extra shifts are  much appreciated. Please note that artists who do not  meet their stewarding obligations will not be allowed  to exhibit in that month. Artists are encouraged, where  possible, to produce art while stewarding as this creates  extra interest and draws customers in.  

The Co-operative meets once a month (or Zooms) to discuss organisational and operational matters. Whilst  attendance is not obligatory, artists are expected to  respond to the requirements and decisions that are made at that meeting. We are a friendly and supportive group, and meetings are a great opportunity to keep in touch with other local artists and benefit from their wide experiences. 

New Members are mentored when getting started, and support and advice is always on hand. Members are encouraged to join one or more of our teams in the  areas of finance, administration, marketing and publicity, refurbishment and maintenance which ensure the smooth running of the Gallery. 

Every two months there is a gallery refurbishment when the displays are refreshed with new work.  

A good proportion of work is changed at this time  to keep the Gallery looking fresh and interesting for the public. New work must be supplied labelled and  wrapped for its safety and so that the packaging can be re-used if it is packed away at the end of the period. 

Members are kept well informed of the Refurb dates and delivery of new works for the Gallery. Past work to be collected can be found in the kitchen and must be removed as soon as possible for safety’s sake. 

Artists must have their own public liability insurance and are responsible for insurance for their work. 

Each Member’s sales are calculated at the end of the month and Members are notified by email of what they are owed (sales less commission). Payment follows by Bankers Automated Clearing Service.  


Artists must provide descriptions, prices and  photographs of their work, (which may be via their  website). Applications will be assessed by the  Membership Panel who will consider many aspects,  including the quality, and whether it adds diversity to our offering. This ensures that the Gallery continues to have a wide range of art forms and that the work is of a standard and type that is suitable for public display. To apply, please fill in the Form and supply photos of your art including the Application Form by one of the following methods:

Church Lane Gallery, 3 Victoria Buildings, Church Lane, Banbury OX16 5LT

Screenshot 2021-08-04 at 14.18.30.png
Membership  Application
I would like to apply to join Church Lane Gallery and Banbury Artists’ Co-operative (BAC). I have read the Terms and Conditions and information in this leaflet and agree to abide by them. 

Unless the Membership Secretary is informed otherwise in writing, your contact details will be made available to other Members to use for Gallery and BAC’s purposes. If you cannot supply online access to a website or social media gallery, please email photos of your artwork to Membership Secretary:

Thanks for submitting!