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Rosy Burke, Artist

Rosy Burke comes from an award winning background as a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. For the last few years she has been painting many subjects and commissions but her favourite subject is heavy horses and farm animals. She has also focused on nature and flowers with occasional vegetables thrown in. She says “The pleasure is in the doing - splashing around with paint - pushing and pulling it about until you reach something you can be pleased with.” Lately she has been experimenting with laying and overlaying colours to achieve what she thinks are magical unexpected effects and painting undersea paintings. 


Rosy was a winner of the BBC Countryfile Photographic Competition 2005 Judges Prize, and was a Long-Listing Judge for the Calendar for 9 years. She is also a past winner of Best Small Business in Banbury.


More of Rosy’s work can be found at her website and her Youtube Channel

Pop into the gallery on Church Lane or get in touch to purchase.

Rosy lion.jpg
Rosy Red Tomatoes.jpg
Spring Has Sprung.jpg
Cyril the Seahorse.jpg
Splashes of Daisies.jpg
At the Water Trough 1.jpg
RB338-083 Stroud Vegetables by Rosy Burk
RB333-212 Tom's Chickens by Rosy Burke.j
Robert's Percherons by Rosy Burke.jpg
RB338-078 Hornton Allotment by Rosy Burk
'Three's Company' by Rosy Burke.jpg
RB338-040 Cropredy Chestnut by Rosy Burk
RB338-076 Hidcote Glade by Rosy
RB338-116 Ventnor B. Garden by Rosy Burk
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