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Liane Hancox, Artist

Liane Hancox is primarily a textile artist who lives and works in Oxfordshire. She has been interested in all aspects of art since her school days where painting and needlework classes were both favourites.


In the early days, making curtains, cushions and other soft furnishings took Liane’s interest but then, by chance, she was introduced to the technique of free arm machine embroidery and hasn’t sewn in a straight line since! Machine embroidery allows Liane to be far more creative, allowing her to literally draw with threads.


Liane then produced mixed media artworks and now combines techniques such as wet/dry felting, embossing, fabric dyeing, foiling and many more with machine and hand embroidery. This enables her to produce truly original pieces of art.


“I have always had a love for fabrics - the vibrant colours and textures combine to capture my imagination,” she said. “I especially like the more shimmery girls love a bit of sparkle, after all!!”


Liane’s  inspiration comes mainly from nature.


“I love to experiment with different fabrics and threads, hence my work has taken various different avenues,” she explained. “More recently, I took myself back to class and reintroduced painting to my life....watercolours, oils - and I have now discovered alcohol inks, which again are bright and bold!”


Liane is happiest when in her painting and sewing room, but until 2019 had always kept her art as a hobby. Since joining Church Lane Gallery this year, however, she has discovered just how popular her colourful and creative designs are with customers.

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