Marta Wojnas

Marta Wojnas is originally from Poland, living in Bloxham since 2004. 

I love working with epoxy resin. It allows me to create beautiful and practical home decor pieces. I love experimenting with real techniques and pigments to create truly unique pieces. My inspiration comes from the nature. My colour schemes are often based on gems, rocks, sea waves and plants."


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Oxfordshire Artweeks Exhibition

Marta Wojnas is participating in Oxfordshire Artweeks 2021at The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury. 


Our free exhibition runs from 3rd of May, with entry to the public from 17th May in line with government guidelines. Covid-19 procedures will be in place to keep everyone safe. 

See below for a sneak peek of Marta's work for Artweeks below, or read more on the blog.