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New Artists – Sarah Miles

We are delighted to welcome some new faces to Church Lane Gallery! This week, we introduce Sarah Miles.

Sarah Miles is a UK based artist, currently living in Warwickshire. She started out as a primary school teacher, and after a few years of teaching decided to realise her dreams of working as a self employed artist. Her art and teaching background have come together, and now enjoys teaches art classes and workshops to all ages, including at The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury.

Sarah’s favourite thing to paint is portraying early versions of fairy tales and folklore onto canvas. They are always painted in oils but sometimes combine other mediums such as resin and gold leaf. They usually have a dark side due to the story, but are beautified for your eyes’ enjoyment! Look out for creatures that Sarah may have hidden in some of the Fairytale and Folklore artworks.

In 2019, Sarah picked up watercolours again after one of her classes requested learning more about the medium. After exploring some new watercolour techniques, Sarah has developed her own style and has found she enjoys painting wildlife in this way and creating textured backgrounds with natural or recycled materials. Mainly due to having her first baby in 2020, painting with watercolour is something she will continue more prolifically, as they are much tidier and easier to put away than oils!

Sarah is involved with lots of other projects, including: illustrating children’s books, exhibiting at art fairs and galleries, and volunteering on the committee for two art groups: Stratford Art Society and Kineton Art Group.

You can view more of Sarah's work here.

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