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Oxfordshire Artweeks: Emma Wilkinson

Each week, we introduce an artist exhibiting their work at The Mill Arts Centre for Oxfordshire Artweeks. Read on to discover more about your favourite local artists.

Artist Emma Wilkinson is a cartoonist in addition to her more painterly pursuits - this may explain her love of bold colour and line to express dynamic movement, playfulness and uplifting emotion in her subjects.

Emma Will be displaying work in acrylics including Fine Lady, Banbury Cross and After the Storm at The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury from 3rd May, with admittance to the public from 17th May.

"Fine Lady and Banbury Cross have come to represent the strength and community spirit of our resilient town. After the storm was painted in early 2021 and is a tribute to nature's ability to rise up, and stand tall again, even after the most devastating of storms."

Oxfordshire Artweeks 2021at The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury runs from 3rd of May, with entry to the public from 17th May in line with government guidelines. Covid-19 procedures will be in place to keep everyone safe.

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