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Oxfordshire Artweeks: Karen Baum

Each week, we introduce an artist exhibiting their work at The Mill Arts Centre for Oxfordshire Artweeks. Read on to discover more about your favourite local artists.

Karen Baum paints with wool, silk and cotton fibres. Working from still life, sketch book designs and photographs, she uses a colourful palette of wools, some dyed naturally from avocados, red and white onion skins and some commercially dyed merino wools, silks and cotton threads.

Karen’s work is inspired by the changing colours, textures and movement of the seasons, from the cascading autumn leaves of crimson, copper and gold to the delicate stirring of pink and white spring blossoms, from fleeting clouds and stormy seas to the quiet still of hazy summer meadows.

She also has a love of writing and has written and published an illustrated book of poetry: ‘Poetry in Art - Hidden Faces’. Her poetry is also included in Restore’s ‘Dark Arts’ publication.

Karen will be showcasing four limited edition signed giclée prints of her felt and stitch works, including Blue Butterfly, Cabbage White Butterflies, Seascape and Dandelion Seedheads.

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