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Louise Brook, Artist

Fine Art Artist, Louise Brook, is now based in a village near Banbury (UK). Having enjoyed a very successful career in London, in Finance & Sales, Louise only discovered her artistic talent in 2019 and is largely self-taught. Louise’s work began with coloured pencils focusing on detailed pet portraiture and wildlife then evolving to explore watercolour and acrylics through nature themed pieces. Recently Louise’s desire for a looser, more expressive style of art has emerged and with a dramatic shift in emphasis she has begun to use acrylic and mixed media to produce bold, exciting abstract work. These large pieces have been well received including an invitation to exhibit in London and mark an exciting new development in Louise’s artistic focus.

Louise is a Director of Church Lane Gallery (Banbury), resident artist in Woodbine Art (Middleton Cheney) and has exhibited at The Mill Arts Centre (Banbury). Her most recent achievement was being selected to exhibit at the Espacio Art Gallery in London. Louise has a steady stream of commissions, and an established social media and online e-commerce presence.


Time: The “Chronos” Collection

Louise Brook

The most precious resource we all have is TIME - Steve Jobs

The “Chronos” or “Time” Collection by Louise Brook is a bold, striking abstract series, using an exciting mix of acrylic and mixed media to build up beautiful layers and rich textural detail, creating a compelling visual experience. The inspiration for this collection is Time as a uniquely human preoccupation, dominating our daily lives to the extent it is the most common noun in the English language.

Collage papers throughout the layers of this piece observe Time from a plethora of viewpoints: from “watching the clock” to date stamps, time travel to theories of time dilation. With each closer inspection revealing fresh detail, this series provides a thought provoking and fascinating exploration of what is our most precious resource.

Details of Original Work

Titles: Chronos I, Chronos II, Chronos III & Chronos IV

Note: Chronos I & IV are currently on display in the gallery.

Year: 2023

Medium: Acrylic & Mixed Media

Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm (unmounted & unframed); 58 x 58 cm (professionally mounted & framed)

Price: £550 per framed piece

Jewel of Bembridge

"Jewel of Bembridge" is a beautiful seascape depicting an idyllic beach scene on the gorgeous Isle of Wight. The artist’s first venture into acrylic and mixed media, as well as her first seascape, this is a landmark piece. The artwork has fantastic textures and gorgeous details with all the magical vibes of summer at the beach. This is a beautiful way to bring coastal chic right into your home.

Year: 2021

Medium: Acrylic & Mixed Media

Dimensions: 28 x 40 cms (unmounted & unframed); framed dimensions: 42 x 55 cm

Price: £225 (professionally framed piece)

Pop into the gallery on Church Lane or get in touch to purchase.

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