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Jim Williams, Mixed Media Artist

“As a child I was obsessed with art and the natural world. I loved to go to zoos, national parks and museums. I often thought I would become a naturalist or a palaeontologist (in fact I followed another passion, history, and became an archaeologist). As an archaeologist, and later as a surveyor, drawing is an important part of the work, creativity is not often involved (both professions would rather you didn’t make things up).


To scratch that artistic itch I started to make animal sculptures about eight years ago. Although I’ve made a lot of different animals over the years my current passion is birds of the world. Go bold and bright or go home I say, hence the interest in species like toucans and hornbills. I do quite a bit of research into rare, unusual and lesser known species and I hope my work will possibly provide some of the exposure they deserve. 

My animals are made from a mixture of materials, often recycled, including paper, paint, papier-mâché, wire and wood. I tried to create a balance between the realistic, the stylistic and the decorative.”


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